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Frequently Asked Questions
How do I signup?
Please feel free to download and complete our application form

What Anti Virus / Anti Spam protection do you offer?
Datacenter's Mail Server utilizes Anti Spam software to reduce the amount of un wanted, unsolicited email you receive. Datacenter also offer a premium Anti Spam and anti Virus Protection through Mailguard for just $5.50 per month, Per email address.

What Dynamic Scripting languages do you support?
At present we offer PHP and MySQL packages as well as Perl / CGI. We have the facility to offer ASP, Asp.Net, Coldfusion MX and Java (JSP) based scripting if required. For these premium scripting options please feel free to contact us to discuss your needs. Geelong Datacenter also utilize Apple OSX technology and are currently researching becoming an Apple OSX Server based hosting Company utilizing the power of Apples G5 Apple Xserve's with Apple OSX Server Operating System. For information on this Apple OSX Based hosting, contact Steve Rowlandson on 0419 304 176.

What does my hosting package include?
Each monthly hosting package includes the available Server space as per the plan, Number of email addresses/aliases and the volume of traffic, which includes FTP, http and mail for a given month. We also offer a daily backup facility where by the last 7 days of your web site backup can be made available as well as daily SQL Database backups. To restore a backup you must request a support job. All backup restorations include a fee of $35. A Premium Backup facility exists where your site is backed up every six hours. Data Restoration is free and the last 14 days worth of backups can be made available. All plans include Aw stats online Web site Traffic statistics. These are updated daily. For an additional monthly fee of $5.00 the Premium Web trends Monthly Traffic Analysis Statistics can be produced. al plans include free advice and information on how you can improve the function and traffic position of your web site.

What can I do to ensure my site gets traffic?
The Most common ways to get web site traffic is to get strong links in to search Engines. This is possible by getting links placed on other large high traffic sites, ensuring your site has lots of strong keywords in page titles, filenames and the domain name. We can also assist you be submitting your site to hundreds of search engines and also building you a traffic enhancement package to your site to assist it to be in the best possible position to ensure strong search engine traffic. On top of this, tradition marketing and advertising strategies need to be explored to get your sites name out in the market.

I already have a Web Developer, how can you assist me?
Often finding a Web Developer can be difficult. Often a neutral third party such as Geelong Datacenter can be contracted to assist companies choose a Web Developer and ensure they get the best value for money and the overall product they receive is to a high quality service.

I am a Web Developer, How can Datacenter assist me?
Geelong Datacenter offer competitive Reseller rates to assist developers to obtain the best possible package for their clients needs. Being developers ourselves, we understand developers needs. We can tailor web hosting packages and setups to suit you individual requirements, offering custom configurations, non standard Server side setups as well as Co-location rack space to host your own servers.

How do I know if my site is performing?
We offer a detailed web site stats package with all hosting plans called AW Stats. This is updated each night and will show you just how well your site is performing. We also offer a more detailed monthly Web trends Traffic Report each month for an additional fee of $5.00 per month. These reports can quickly highlight the various popular areas of your site and you customers browsing habits. This enables you to structure you marketing and updates to your site to suit the browsing habits of your customers.

Hardware and preventative maintenance
Geelong Datacenter regularly replace our hardware and critical equipment to ensure it is reliable and current. We also monitor vendor information to keep our servers patched and current to avoid any possible hacks / attacks.

High Quality gear, High Quality service
We choose to purchase only name brand high quality gear such as Sun, Asus, Compaq and Apple. That way we know we can trust our equipment.

Works with clients to enhance their web presence and traffic
There is no point in having a web site unless you utilise it to its full potential. We often work with out clients to suggest better ways for them to use their web site and the internet to enhance their business. Whether it be through dynamic content, Rich media such as Flash or Video Streams or online search engine enhancement.